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This wiki is for the fanfictions about couples in Fairy Tail. You can find interesting fanfictions about any couple you want.






There are a lot of groups of fanfictions. That groups are about the content of the fanfictions. For example, making peace after a fight, someone's dying... With time, there will be links to fanfictions depending on their group.

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Main Pages Edit

You can visit the main pages of ships by using the links above. At this main pages, I'll share the links for the fanfictions that published on this Wiki. At this main pages, I grouped the fanfictions depending on who wrote them.

Publishing A Fanfiction Edit

Just click on ''add a new page'' and write your fanfiction. I'll read your fanfiction and add it to the proper group.

Discussion Forums Edit

There are a lot of discussions forums at this Wiki which will help you about your problems or allow you to share your opinions and have fun. You can use these discussion forums to get in contact with me at anytime you want. Don't worry, you can make sure that I'll take care of your problems as an editor who loves her followers.

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